Mag Heater - A portable induction heater for the DynaVap / VapCap

An introduction to the magic of induction

I always found it difficult to use the DynaVap outside. The wind would always blow the flames from my jet lighter out, or I would accidentally overheat and combust! Who wants that awful combustion taste when they’re out and about?


I ended up trying out a quad flame torch, and while it definitely worked better, there’s no being discreet with a flamethrower in your hands. Plus, I could never tell when I was going to run out of gas! In the end, I realized I was paying a ton of extra money for my vaping experience as I (literally) burned through gas.



About a year ago, I found the perfect solution to all my issues: Induction heating. By using magnetic fields in a coil, you can heat the metal of the VapCap up precisely! From a simple wooden box and a LiPo battery, the “Mag Heater” has evolved to be the perfect Dynavap companion - perfect, no hassle heat up on the go or at home.

The Device is highly water resistant and basically perfect for outdoor use. It features a 3s LiPo battery which is rechargeable as well as user replaceable. It also has a battery protection board inside for overvoltage protection.


The battery lasts roughly for 20 x 3 heat cycles.
The Mag Heater, heats the DynaVap quick, stealthy and even without twisting - just put it in, press the button and wait for the click. Super comfortable. The button lights up in the colour of the display when you press it, so you know when the oven is on.
It can be recharged with a standard 120 / 220 V charging plug as well as USB charger.
This means you can recharge the device on the Go with a powerbank or a USB Solar Panel of your choice. It is possible to use the device while it is charging.